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Do I need a Health Coach?

question-markIf you answer “yes” to any of the below questions you will likely benefit by making an appointment with Dr. Saukin:

  • Are you a child with a chronic illness who feels quite frustrated?
  • Are you in high school or college and feel the need to improve your athletic abilities?
  • Are you an elite athlete looking to improve your performance?
  • Are you a serious recreational athlete looking to enhance your physique?
  • Do you always put others’ needs ahead of your own?
  • Despite strict diets and rigorous exercise regimens, do you ever feel frustrated that that the scale seems to be “stuck”?
  • Do you have difficulty with yourself feeling frustrated that despite “eating healthy” you cannot seem to achieve your specific goal?
  • Do you need help modifying certain habits (diet, smoking, exercising, sleeping habits, etc.)?
  • Have you been diagnosed with certain allergies and feel overwhelmed?