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Weight Loss

Weight loss center & health coach based in Staten Island, New York. Dr. Saukin provides medically supervised weight loss services for children & adults.

Dr. Saukin has trained at internationally recognized institutions in medically supervised weight loss for children and adults and has a special interest interest in child, teen and adult athletic injuries.

You have been exercising faithfully. You have been trying to control your diet (or have tried many different diet regimens with little success). The number on the scale is not moving and you are frustrated. As a board certified physician, a retired national figure skater and college track athlete, Dr. Saukin is also trained as a health coach and will work with you individually to quantify your individual metabolic needs (via special tests to determine the number calories you need daily). Through a thorough history, physical examination, appropriate blood work, and an in depth evaluation of your metabolism, impediments to your goals will be investigated and the doctor herself (with the aid of specialized metabolic testing) will work diligently with you toward your weight loss goal. Comprehensive individualized program outlines with specific follow up instructions/meetings will be offered if interested. The doctor constantly follows your progress and your weight loss goals become her goals.