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Your Family – Your Doctor

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Tamara Anna Marie Saukin, MD, DABFM is a board certified family physician and Diplomate of the American Board of Family Medicine who practices with the belief that the health of your family is her priority. She recognizes that outstanding patient care is achieved via the practice philosophy “Your Family – Your Doctor”. She is a family physician who treats not only your children and teens but also treats parents and grandparents, including performing gyn examinations for females. Having the ability to care for children as they transition into adulthood enables her to know her patients and share in their life events as well as provide care for the rest of the family members – “Your Family – Your Doctor”. Caring for the entire family enables Dr. Saukin to form close relationships with all patients. She considers it a privilege to personalize family healthcare, knowing her patients on a more intimate level, and sharing in overall family wellness.

Dr. Saukin, Ivy League accepted and a graduate of an accelerated medical program, became a family physician to provide outstanding care to the entire family unit, being able to develop relationships with all of her patients, from the youngest to the oldest. She emphasizes family wellness as her primary treatment goal. Her motto “Your Family – Your Doctor” enables her to know all of her patients on a personal level. She is enjoys sharing in various life occasions, which, she states, is an integral component of outstanding medical care. She herself enjoys treating several generations (from youth to the eldest) thus resulting in optimal family wellness and happiness. Her priority is your family health.

IMG_0301 machine screenAs your family physician, after performing a thorough history, physical examination, blood work, immunizations (if needed) and appropriate screening/lab tests, she herself interprets the results, and identifies areas of concern, coordinating care and communicating with specialists.

Herself an ex-athlete and an avid classical guitarist, she respects the integration of both mind and body when determining a medical treatment regimen and knows that healing can be accomplished using various modalities, for all age patients.

Also a retired national competitive figure skater and runner, Dr. Saukin formally pursued nutrition, weight loss, homeopathy, and pain management, thus enabling her to assist her patients with their training or wellness regimens. She is one of the only board certified family physicians in New York who holds formal certification as a health coach and will herself work with her patients to reach their individual health goals.

Dr. Saukin believes that just as elite athletes have Olympic coaches and successful executives have outstanding corporate advisors, she brings to medicine her unparalleled expertise as a physician to herself create customized plans to coach you or your family toward your specific wellness goals (please refer to the Wellness Center).

IMG_0172She is humbled by the testimonials her patients have provided referring to her as a “wonderful, caring, great, considerate, affable, professional physician not only for children but parents”. The doctor takes pride in personally calling patients regarding lab work, test results, and diagnoses, no other practitioner.

Your Family – Your Doctor.