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homeopathyDr. Saukin, a true academic, furthered her knowledge of homeopathic/alternative holistic remedies at an internationally known center in Manhattan. These remedies typically have little to no side effects and can be used in children, pregnancy, and in chronic disease with a minimal side effect profile.

A number of patients are now seeking homeopathy to treat their medical conditions. For many patients, homeopathy is a suitable and effective alternative or supplement to traditional western medicine. The principle of homeopathy is “like treats like”. Homeopathy uses natural substances in micro doses to treat symptoms of medical conditions such as allergies, stress, the common cold, trauma, pain, etc. This micro dose creates a negative feedback loop, telling the body to “stop producing the harmful substance”, thereby stopping the disease process from progressing. Homeopathy has many advantages, including:

  • No side effects or adverse reactions
  • No interactions with other medications
  • Safe for children, pregnant women, babies and other patients
  • No allergies
  • Conditions often unsuccessfully treated by western medicine may get positive results –unexplained allergies and autism as examples
  • Chronic fatigue, stress

Dr. Saukin trained at The CEDH (Center for Education and Development of Clinical Homeopathy), an internationally recognized entity in the education and practice of homeopathy.   Dr. Saukin successfully implements homeopathy in the treatment of many common symptoms after discussion with patients, if deemed appropriate, explaining how several homeopathic remedies may help and how they “work”.

Dr. Saukin believes “Your Family – Your Doctor” ensures unique outstanding healthcare to all patients and their families.