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When working with patients and families (children, teenagers, parents, and grandparents), Dr. Saukin works quite closely with any specialists already being seen (by the patient). She also will refer to any specialist when she deems necessary. This enables a comprehensive approach to one’s care and well-being and ensures thorough treatment.

Dr. Saukin, as a family physician, treats both children and parents. She refers to specialists when appropriate and is quite thorough with coordination of care. Dr. Saukin has several specialists to whom she refers.

Quite often, specialists use Dr. Saukin’s expertise, as a board certified family physician, to be the point of primary care coordination. In addition, other healthcare professionals count on Dr. Saukin to assist their clients/patients with health coaching and achieving their individual goals – from improving sports performance to lessening back pain to weight loss to improvement in childhood asthma or diabetes.

Dr. Saukin always answers any and all questions to the best of her ability and patient care is always her priority.

Your Family – Your Doctor.