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Please note, as mentioned, Dr. Saukin is a retired college track athlete and national figure skater who has a special interest in athletics, sports injuries, psychosocial stressors, and young female athletes. She is involved with providing care for various sports teams.

Candids taken of Dr. Saukin during a regular training session where she firmly believes that core strengthening will lessen back pain. She also believes that a healthy body contributes to a healthy mind.

The Staten Island Advance


Dr. Saukin performs sports physical examinations for athletes of all training levels.

Figure ISIADr. Saukin is a retired national figure skater and track athlete as well as long jump champion in both high school and college.  She enjoys using her medical skills as a physician to assist athletes of all ages to recover from injuries and create competitive training regimens.  She will address special nutritional needs for both young and more experienced competitors, female and male. She also works with females, addressing various demands, social and otherwise including, but not limited to, eating disorders as an example. She is a physician for various teams and has a passion for volunteering her time at  competitive outings and training sessions.

Below are a few of the associated internet links and rankings which highlight Dr. Saukin’s athletic background, including track and long jump:

The Staten Island Advance
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Women’s Long Jump Record Holder: