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Weight Loss

Diet Concept

Dr. Saukin has trained at internationally recognized institutions in medically supervised weight loss for children and adults and has a special interest interest in child, teen and adult athletic injuries.

In order to achieve one’s maximum performance, your health must be optimized. Nutrition is a safe way to improve may chronic and acute ailments for children as well as adults. Dr. Saukin is quite active in the childhood anti-obesity movement and is also active with many sports teams, local and national. Dr. Saukin will work with you or your child toward individual wellness goals, which may involve weight loss for teens with polycystic ovarian syndrome or diet evaluation for children struggling with Type I Diabetes. She works in conjunction with appropriate specialists (gynecologists, endocrinologists, cardiologists, etc.) when deemed necessary. Most of us are all too familiar with how stress/anxiety also damages your body’s ability to reach maximum performance. Increasing energy, losing weight, and improving your nutrition are critical. Weight management is a necessity regardless of age, whether you are a child or a grandparent. There is a Wellness Center  for patients where individual goals are discussed and treatment plans are outlined.

Dr. Saukin believes “Your Family – Your Doctor” ensures unique outstanding healthcare to all patients and their families.