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Medical Disorders

The Wellness Center is available for patients of all ages to be able to explore alternative treatment options to help manage various medical disorders they may have via proper lifestyle modification, stress management, nutrition, activity, vitamin supplementation, or other alternative holistic regimens.

Medical disorders include:

Certain medical disorders (as well as their associated complications) can be managed,  or even prevented, via evaluation of the above factors, tailored to specific patient needs.  Quite often, medications can be tapered or even avoided with appropriate lifestyle modifications and management of outside stressors.

*Education and careful monitoring are both key components to such additional treatment regimens.

The other options that exist for the management of medical disorders are outlined in detail in the various brochures and sessions offered at the Wellness Center.  Via proper questioning, lifestyle evaluation, behavior modification, weight loss, review of diet, or vitamin supplementation (to name a few of the many examples) disease processes maybe well controlled.

*Careful and consistent monitoring is essential to success.

For females, such evaluation (as performed at the Wellness Center can often assist with fertility.  A common example of this is polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).  Women with PCOS often have trouble with ovulation thus making getting pregnant more difficult.  This often leads to an increase in frustration and anxiety, thus leading to even more difficulty with conception.  PCOS is just one example of a medical disorder which can be can be facilitated with the help of an individualized wellness plan, consistent monitoring and patient education. Furthermore, PCOS can lead to a predisposition to Diabetes, and lifestyle management (along with alternative holistic regimens) is essential.

In addition, vitamins can be used, along with other safe supplements, to control or improve various medical complaints.  All of these treatments options, along with many others, are outlined with customized plans tailored to each patient’s unique circumstance.  This is done after a thorough initial assessment.

Please note that these wellness options may be used in conjunction with traditional treatment plans for medical disorders and are carefully and safely tailored to each patient’s very unique and specific requests or needs.

These medical disorders are present in children, teens, adults, and grandparents. Disease processes can effect the entire family.

Your Family – Your Doctor.